Can SharePoint be an effective eDiscovery Repository?

Microsoft positions SharePoint as a document and information sharing platform for companies. SharePoint Team Services provides templates for setting up a Web site so that workgroups can share documents, calendars, announcements, postings, host blogs and wikis among other things. SharePoint Portal Server is used to build intranet portals and share documents. The SharePoint system is a very powerful platform that will become a staple for most business entities.

One perceived problem with SharePoint adoption is that because a SharePoint system can contain so much information, some in the legal community aren’t sure if and how easy a SharePoint solution could be “discovered” and an even more important point, how data within the SharePoint system can be secured under a litigation hold.

With a little planning and an addition, a SharePoint solution can be an extremely valuable tool for your company as well as a litigation-ready eDiscovery repository.

The addition of an archive that can capture, index and secure all SharePoint data, not just the documents but everything, would remove the eDiscovery liability with a SharePoint system as well as drive down the costs and risks of eDiscovery.

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