New York lawmakers propose legislation to enforce archiving for governor’s emails

“A recent proposal will mandate the current and future governors of New York to use an email archiving solution that will offer permanent access to important documents, the Times Union reports.

The most recent proposal marks the second-consecutive year New York lawmakers have passed legislation that creates more strict regulations forcing governors to submit emails to state archives. The bill’s proponents have stressed the historical benefits of integrating a government email archiving solution.

“Without documentation from successive governors’ administrations, the history of New York state is, and will remain, incomplete,” said Camille Jobin-Davis, assistant director of the state Committee on Open Government, in a memo in support of the bill, the news provider reports.

Lawmakers have been pushing for improved documentation of state government emails for the past year in an effort to fill a current void in the state’s information management requirements. Jobin-Davis criticized the state’s current email regulations and said they provide “minimal” guidance by allowing governments to freely destroy emails.”

The entire article can be read here

Email archiving has become an important tool to ensure transparency among government agencies. Citizens want to be able to have access to all areas of how their government is run. Email archiving ensures government agencies, including governors, are making their records available for review.

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